My name is Jake, and I'm currently a student as Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. I'm working towards a B.S. in Computer Science, with a minor in Business.

I created this website from scratch using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. Take a look around!


A little bit about myself:

I grew up surrounded by electronics, and from an early age, I discovered that I had a natural bent for technology. As I grew older, I found great interest in computers. I developed a lot of computer-related hobbies such as photo and video editing, and I also began to experiment with some basic programming and web design.

In high school, I had the opportunity to take four years of computer science classes. For the first time, I was fully exposed to programming, and I found that I really enjoyed it. Throughout the course of my study, I was able to take part in a number of exciting projects, and I was able to gain a lot of team-based experience. This solidified my interest in computer science, which made it easy for me to choose my college major.

Knowing my interest in engineering and computer science, I decided to continue my education at Texas A&M University. As an undergraduate student, I have been using a combination of my academic and professional experience to narrow down the career path for which I am best suited.


Throughout my education, I have striven to be the best that I can be, whether in coursework or in organizational involvement. Because of this mindset, I enrolled in higher-level AP and dual-credit courses in high school, and I sought out clubs and organizations to which I could contribute. This resulted in a high school experience positive enough to convince me to continue in the trend in college.

At A&M, I have not only enrolled in the university honors program, but also the computer science departmental honors program. Additionally, I have involved myself in some student organizations on campus. Through the completion of a research-based capstone project, I plan to graduate with honors and continue to earn a master's degree in computer science.

Though it is still early in my college career, it is already easy to recognize the value of investing oneself in the surrounding world. Through A&M's honors program, I was not only provided with an academic community, but I was also given the opportunity to reflect on the progress of my freshman year from a non-academic standpoint. For example, I focused in on civic engagements (volunteer involvement in the local community) and my investments in student organizations. This opened my eyes to some of the different facets of the college experience.

There is so much more to college than simply getting a more advanced education; it’s about life development. This past year has been one of the most important in my life thus far. Not only were my career goals reaffirmed, but it was also revealed to me that the most important things in life aren’t just found in education. There is tremendous importance in finding a place in a community and solidifying the path on which you want your life to go. College helps students in discovering how to survive the world on their own, and that lesson extends far beyond the knowledge that is taught in a classroom.